Our mission is to empower people to detect and manage chronic disease by providing health insights early and effortlessly from their daily routines.

Over 100 million Americans have either a pre-chronic illness, or a disease and the majority don’t even know it. Early detection, intervention and timely personal monitoring matters; but, improving wellbeing requires consumer interactions to be easy, convenient and fit naturally into their daily “life flow.”

Medic.Life is a unique biotech startup focused on blending miniaturized assay systems, medical IoT, AI and mobile into a waste analyzer platform – a smart toilet – resolving pain points for everyday users and providers. Within 2 years, our technology will be found in clinics, senior care, primary care, pharmacies, retail outlets, and homes, while generating mountains of personal health data. As such, Medic is really a data company with a sophisticated user interface that captures, analyzes and trends vital health indicators every time our toilets are used and notifies users when anomalies are detected. It’s like having a Medic at your disposal.

Medic.Life has a strong IP position with 60 patents granted and more than 90 pending so far. We are working with over 20 partners for our onboard science center (microfluidics, lab on chip, proprietary sensors) and seek to double that number in the 2020-21 timeframe. If you have miniaturized technology to analyze urine, feces, vitals, body composition and circulation, then please contact us.

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